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Spring gobbler   My name is Brad Cole. I am an outdoorsman thru and thru. If I could get paid half of what I make at my job now to be a hunting guide or professional hunter I would quit tomorrow. I know this is the case for anyone who truly loves to hunt and be outdoors.

I was born and raised in Bradford county PA. I graduated from Troy Area High School in 1998.

Two weeks after graduation I was at boot camp for the U.S. Navy. I spent four years onboard the USS. Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 as a firefighter. I loved being a firefighter but not the military.

After being honorably discharged from the military in 2002, and a few years of construction work, I decided to give college a go. I graduated from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Mapping Technologies. I chose mapping because I know how useful maps are in everyday life as well as hunting.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to email me at email address

These three animals were all harvested in the 05-06 season.

Archery Buck
Buck taken in archery
I took this 8pt buck with a 2005 Parker Hunter Mag bow in Bradford county Pennsylvania. I called this buck from about 150yrds away into about 20yrds while ground hunting under a bush. He was quarting twards me and I took him just in front of the shoulder. He ran 75yrds and dropped. This was only my second buck ever harvested and the second buck with a bow.
250lb Bear
Bradford county bear
I took this bear with a Remington 6mm at about 10yrds and the bullet never came out the other side. We were on our last dear drive and I finally got to be a sitter instead of a driver. A group of hunters just left the patch of woods we were driving so I didn't expect to see anything let alone a bear. Luckily I heard this bear smashing through the woods, about a minute before I saw him, other wise I pry wouldn't have gotten a shot at him. That is how close he was to me.
Spring Gobbler
Spring gobbler
I shot this spring gobbler at about 8:40am on the last day of spring gobbler season. It was an overcast day with a little bit of drizzle and the birds weren't talking so I switched my location to a different location. About 15min after getting settled in for a nap this 20lb, 9in beard and 3/4in spur bird walked out of the woods about 20yrds from me. He spotted me as I spotted him and we both reacted. As you can tell I had a quicker reaction.

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